Wednesday Whisper: rumours, just rumours | July 3, 2024

Welcome back to another edition of Wednesday Whisper – our midweek column where we talk about a rumour or an anecdote circulating in the dance music world. This is where you’ll find the sort of stories that are just a little bit too hot for our lawyers…

This week, even the most underground dance music heads out there can’t fail to have noticed that Taylor Swift is in the middle of a very long tour at the moment. Her long-running Eras Tour isn’t due to finish until December – having been in Dublin only last weekend. But which DJ and producer is seriously mulling over making an approach to collab?

If the whispers reaching Ears To The House HQ are correct, this person conjured up the idea following coverage of Swift’s recent dates in the UK – and believes that they could come up with “something special”. The DJ, known almost as much for their abilities in business as for their musical productions, sees an opportunity to increase their fan base – and make a lot of money.

The DJ is reported to have told a friend that “Honey Dijon is making money out of Madonna and Beyoncé, so why the f*** shouldn’t I get my share?”. They’re not entirely wrong…

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