What’s got you feeling so positive, then? Derrick May tells Facebook that “it’s good to be alive” – despite having almost no work lined up and no money (but at least Carl Craig’s standing by him!)

As the world continues to muddle through the strangest Monday since, well, the last one, there is at least one person out there who continues to see the positive side of things. Indeed, the only surprise in the Ears To The House office is who exactly it was – for it’s none other than Derrick May himself.

Yes, Detroit’s 61-year-old most occasional DJ took to social media last week to issue a message to the world – and we’re not sure whether it’s because he really believes it or simply because plank lover Mike Weston has told him to. So what does May want to share? Hear for yourselves…

Quite what May feels so cheerful about at the moment is a mystery, and for once, even our regular Detroit sources are at a loss – although one rather unkindly suggested that “Derrick clearly needs to increase his dose of Deludamol“. The man himself, who previously had one of the busiest careers in dance music, has been shunned by most of the industry since multiple allegations of sexual abuse emerged in 2020.

Efforts to find work since have had limited success – with the exception of Uzbekistan, where May played to a crowd once used to the sight of politician opponents and prisoners being boiled alive. Elsewhere, Ears To The House understands that May is “disappointed” at the lack of progress in organising the Belleville Three tour – with no dates officially announced as of yet.

However, all isn’t lost – Carl Craig featured May himself in a recent episode of his All Black Digital series. Response to this show online has been somewhat more muted than other editions – something which apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed with May’s team. Oops…

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