Wednesday Whisper: 7th June 2023

Which DJ – and this is a bizarre one, even by the standards of Wednesday Whisper – recently had to be talked out of selling his farts in a jar? The surreal conversation happened recently at the Brighton Music Conference, and involved a few DJs and their adoring, gushing fans.

The conversation was all about how to make money out of a career in music – nothing unusual there, of course. All the usual avenues were talked about – promoting the hell out of their music, DJing like it’s going out of fashion, etc – until one DJ mentioned that, “if all else fails, do a Stephanie Matto”.

A bemused audience needed an explanation at this point – which we will also provide here. Stephanie Matto previously appeared on a TV show called 90 Day Fiancé before going on to become “famous” for selling her farts in a jar. Indeed, Matto became so “successful” at what she did that she ended up hospitalised.

Oh, and she also sells sweat from her breasts, too. Yeah, we just thought we should mention that.

Getting back on topic, Ears To The House has been told that those who heard the conversation were convinced at first that it was a joke. Until the DJ started pontificating about how “revenues just aren’t what they used to be” and that he was giving “serious thought” to the idea – and he wasn’t exactly swayed by the possibility that his fans wouldn’t buy the product.

Was the DJ being serious or merely trolling his audience? No one who left was too sure – but if we do come across any DJs selling jars filled with their noxious gases, we’ll be the first to let you know…

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