Wednesday Whisper: 23rd August 2023

Which long-time DJ has been on a blocking spree across his social media platforms of late? The DJ – who is also a producer and remixer with an extensive discography that’s worked across numerous different genres of music – has been getting increasingly irate at people for stating one particular opinion.

In recent weeks, anyone who’s been on his socials and left a comment along the lines of “I preferred your older stuff” has been finding themselves unceremoniously declared as persona non grata. Although the DJ has had comments expressing similar sentiments for many years, they were generally left alone.

So what’s changed? No one seems to know for sure – especially given that the DJ sporadically used to respond to such comments in a positive manner. However, those in the know claim that the DJ is “stressed” about something at the moment – and rather than address the problem, he’s taking it out on anyone and anything.

Which appears to include his own fans. Not exactly a smart move…

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