DJs Playing Badly: where the DJs fail epically | December 24, 2023

Before everyone at Ears To The House gets off to our beds, soon to find out if we’re on the nice or naughty lists this year, it’s time for your Christmas Eve instalment of DJs Playing Badly. Each weekend, our Sunday column takes a look at DJs who have committed some kind of fail. Perhaps they’ve messed up a mix transition, or failed to create any kind of atmosphere. You get the idea.

This week, it’s the turn of techno favourite Patrick Mason in dance music’s favourite ducking stool. Now, Mason is one of those DJs who seemingly has an utterly ridiculous level of energy during his performances – and we can’t deny it is nice being able to see someone who can actually dance. However, how much of it is just a performance and how much of it is about the music?

This is a question that we just can’t escape from with Mason – we hope 2024 provides us with some clues…

There’s another special edition of DJs Playing Badly for you on Tuesday, followed by its regular return on New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, it’s Merry Christmas from the Ears To The House team – and we’ll be back with plenty more to amuse and entertain on Boxing Day…

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