Wednesday Whisper: 5th July 2023

Which higher echelon DJ has been getting on the nerves of other higher echelon DJs over the past week? It all began around a fortnight ago, when the DJ in question decided to treat himself to a new kitchen gadget – the ever-so trendy air fryer.

Apparently, he was persuaded to get one after his partner started gushing about them, following a conversation with the wife of another higher echelon DJs. During some mid-week downtime, the DJ utilised the air fryer to cook himself some chicken with seasonal vegetables – which he seemingly thoroughly enjoyed.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm has been getting the better of him – and recent conversations with his DJ cronies have been leaving them annoyed in the process. Because all he talks about is his new air fryer – and almost nothing else.

So much so that one of his friends has been comparing him to an air fryer – saying “they’re both full of hot air”. Ouch…

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