DJs Playing Badly: when the DJs fail epically | October 8, 2023

As yet another weekend comes to an end, along comes another instalment of DJs Playing Badly – our column where we take a look at DJs who have committed some kind of fail. Whether it be flunking their mix, or ailing to create any kind of atmosphere, you can be assured this is a column that showcases DJs at their worst.

This week, it’s the turn of Patrick Mason in dance music’s favourite ducking stool. The insanely energetic DJ has been around for quite a few years, but owes his current ridiculously busy schedule to the pandemic – he did a lot of live streams during those early lockdowns.

Unfortunately, he seems to have gone down the same route as many in techno are travelling down – playing old trance records in their sets as if it’s something new. Hence why overrated dance anthem “Sandstorm” – released by Darude back in 2000 – is appearing everywhere yet again. Is there really no new music that Mason could play?

More DJs Playing Badly next weekend…

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