DJs Playing Badly: when the DJs fails epically | October 15, 2023

Welcome to another instalment of DJs Playing Badly – our column where, each Sunday, we take a look at DJs who have committed some kind of fail. Perhaps a totally messed up mix transition or they’ve failed to create any kind of atmosphere. You get the idea.

This week, it’s a bit of an odd one – even by the standards of this column. But given it’s a Sunday – the traditional day of worship for Christians – it’s strangely appropriate. Father Guilherme Peixoto did a DJ set recently for the masses attending World Youth Day – an annual event by the Catholic Church, designed to spread their message to younger people.

It might not be terribly Christian of us to say so, but couldn’t he have found something just a little bit more uplifting to play than this? Like at so many other events these days, it looks like the DJ is the only one actually enjoying it.

We’d better go and do the rosary now…

More DJs Playing Badly next week…

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