About me and the Disco Balls label…

One of the labels I frequent regularly is Disco Balls Records. They’re probably one of the more prolific labels on Traxsource at the moment. They’re 5 years old this year.

I can’t remember exactly how I got involved with the label, but I do recall receiving my first ever remix project from them. It was in an email in December 2017. The track was “You And Only You” by Dwayne W Tyree. Since then, I’ve been asked to rework tracks for Manjit, Loic Hoffman, Ilya Garbuz and others. I’ve been given the opportunity to work with vocals from Leah, Anthony Poteat, Cleveland P Jones, Shniece and several others.

These are not opportunities that exist in abundance nowadays. Many labels I encounter are simply too cowardly to take a chance on anyone – they prefer to stick to the same formula, regardless of whether the formula works or not. Not only that, but Disco Balls Records have given me pretty much total freedom over what direction I go with my remixes. Hence why I’ve done soulful stuff, deep stuff, dubs and as you’ll find out soon, things reminiscent of the UK garage sound before everyone started shooting each other.

Very few other labels have allowed me carte blanche to do as I wish. I’ve also met quite a few people through the label that I most likely wouldn’t have otherwise.

You can expect to see a single release from me on there at some point – it’s on the to do list, after finishing this album and the 4 remix projects currently on my desk, most of whom I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for my remixes on Disco Balls Records.

I’ll happily raise a glass to you!

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