De-void of things to say, (for once) Sterling Void

I have to say this. I simply cannot believe the complete silence that has come from Sterling Void of late. It really is quite staggering. For weeks now, this page has revealed:

  • How Void forged the signature of Cleveland P Jones onto a contract.
  • How Void has repeatedly contacted producers to borrow money from them, then to go silent when asked for repayment.
  • How Void lied about having a release forthcoming on Defected Records.
  • How Void stole records from other producers and released them as if they were his own.

There have been others. I would personally have thought that any producer worth their salt would have been defending themselves against such accusations. I wouldn’t want my name associated with anything like the above – yet Sterling Void’s reaction to all of this has been radio silence.

He has disappeared from social media since early August, exactly the same time that allegations started being published. Correspondence from me offering a right of reply have been sent and nothing has ever come back. I have offered to publish all responses he sends, with no editing or comment on my part – an extremely fair offer, I think, yet I have been ignored. He quite literally has nothing to say.

Sterling Void is entitled to his right to silence, if he wants. Being told to answer “no comment” in a police interview is not unusual. Unfortunately, courts in many jurisdictions around the world are allowed to make inferences from silence.

Whatever the truth, this is the last word from me on this subject. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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