Music plays? Not by Sterling Void, it doesn’t

You might think that after being caught out plagiarising other people’s content repeatedly over a period of 30 years that someone would show some humility, wouldn’t you?

It appears Sterling Void would disagree. Yesterday, he released a new track through Birkin Records. Prolific house producer Daniele Baldi owns it. The song is called “Music Plays“.

It may interest you to know the track in the background is not his. It’s a song called “Disco Remembers” by Joe Sierra. It’s just been slowed down a little and pitched down too, by the sounds of it. Oh, and the vocal comes from none other than Lana Del Rey.

He really will try to steal anything, won’t he?

Incidentally, this is the second time that Birkin Records and Sterling Void have crossed paths. Baldi, a very talented producer in his own right, really should exercise better judgement…

Update – Daniele Baldi left this post below the original Facebook page: “So let’s clarify this problem once and for all, the piece in question has nothing to do with Sterling Void and a mistake was made by the graphic designer, in fact we have already sent the new cover to the distribution to replace the current one.

Listen to the song and then tell me if it can be from Sterling Void. I hope I have been clear, I have nothing to do with him even though I have other songs of his but I won’t publish.”

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