May-be Derrick doesn’t want you knowing this…

I go away for one day and this happens. I mentioned lately, after the business with Gatecrasher assaulting people who ask to be paid for their work, and Derek Hazell of Impeccable Agency doing a runner with tens of thousands of pounds that aren’t his.

Oh, and Scott Diaz’s guy in South Africa who’s done a runner with most of Diaz’s money? Rest assured I’m onto you.

I said it would be a year of reckoning for house music – we would discover that a lot of things we believed to be true were, in fact, complete bollocks. Last year, we discovered that Sterling Void has about as much musical capability as a pepperoni sausage. I did suspect that he wasn’t the only crook in town.

What I didn’t expect was to come across a new name so quickly. Derrick May. The maker of tunes like “Strings Of Life”, “Nude Photo” or other delights. Or not, as it turned out. For Michael James has exposed him for what he is. A fraud who has no skill on any instrument, and a thief who has no qualms about stealing other people’s music and releasing it as his own.

Michael James and Thomas Barnett helped co-create these two tracks, it seems. Or rather they created it and Derrick May took all the credit, thus facilitating a pattern that he seems to have kept to ever since. Other allegations about his personal life are also in circulation, but I shall be withholding posting about these for the time being.

The full post is below. It’s long but extremely illuminating reading. How many more of these pioneers have got something to hide?

Come clean now. You retain some control over the message if you out yourself. If the likes of me discovers what you’re up to, I’ll hold back nothing…

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