Desperate Derrick needs money!

In these exceptional times, DJs are resorting to very different measures to raise some money. For example, Carl Cox has written a book. Derrick Carter has taken to selling all his old equipment. Sterling Covid is continuing his tried and tested tactic of pretending his car has broken down late at night and asking some poor sop for $24 for an Uber home.

And Steve Lawler, when not utilising his degree in virology from the University of Facebook, charges people money to tell them their record is shit. But none of them quite reaches the heights of Derrick May, who has started flogging clothes with the Transmat logo plastered all over them – the very same Transmat he said he would be closing down.

Judging by how much of a fight Michael James is prepared to give him and his Mickey Mouse lawyer, he’s going to need to sell an awful lot of them…

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