Derek Hazell, you have not been forgotten!

The saga surrounding Derek Hazell and the Impeccable Agency isn’t going away. I started writing about this all the way back in January and it’s still a talking point online. A friend sent me a thread and I thought I’d post this comment from it – name redacted, of course.

Allow me to explain, as it’s been a while. Late in 2019, Derek disappeared. No one has a clue where he’s gone since, and my many emails to the man himself remain unanswered. He took with him tens of thousands of pounds that were owed to artists on the agency, ranging from Lenny Fontana to Pete Heller.

My posts about Hazell were indeed deeply unflattering, and yes, they were probably one sided. It’s hard to know about the other side when they flat out won’t talk to you. From reading the original thread, I’ve learnt that at least one reason Hazell disappeared was due to money. He took out a loan some time ago and wasn’t unable to keep up repayments.

Exactly what the terms of the loan were are unknown, but I get the distinct impression that this was not the type of loan that you’d get from Barclays Bank…

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