About THAT singer who says he’s owed money…

Very occasionally, I encounter some downright contumelious individuals who seem to think that I run a news service on this page. They usually grumble about how I’m “running” certain stories, but not others. The fact that this is my page and there are thousands of reasons why some things do or don’t appear never seems to cross their mind.

Right now, there is a particularly deleterious claim going around that a male singer is owed a significant – he claims it’s a seven figure sum – amount of money by a record label in dance music for an album he released with them many years ago. I’ve been asked a few times now why I’m not reporting on this – as one put it, “you’re normally all over these scandals”.

Here’s the problem. I don’t know the full story. If I was able to establish the truth of the matter, I’d happily publish it. The issue is that I don’t. This is why I chose not to write the names involved above.

I’m very keen to find out what’s really been going on here, but until I know for sure, I can’t tell you about it. If you want to write up unfounded allegations and take the possible consequences of doing so, that’s your lookout. Don’t expect me to do your dirty work!

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