Lies, damned lies and Rodney P(rick)

I see that Rodney Panton Edwards is in the news. He’s been an extremely bad person and he’s sorry about it. Or rather, British rapper Rodney P – no, me neither – has admitted to assaulting two women. And he expects to be praised for it. Not by me!

Curiously, he spent several months denying the allegations that first surfaced on social media. It was only when a journalist from the BBC asked him that he confessed the truth. Where is the condemnation for the many months of lies on the subject? Where is his apology for the distress these women have been put through by his facetious, dishonest denials?

Disturbingly, this man was a member of Dope Black Dads, an organisation which is trying to change the way black fathers are perceived. What caused him to lash out at women in this manner? Was it learned behaviour, something he saw his own dad or a senior male figure doing?

And he thought it appropriate to join such an organisation with that hanging over his head? Edwards must be downright bloody stupid or think that everyone else is downright bloody stupid. Disgusting behaviour.

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