It was beautiful until the dog attacked me – a lesson in stupid

Brace yourselves. The stupid is truly strong on this one. Avon and Somerset Police are currently under investigation after a dog bit someone at a plague rave in Bristol on Halloween night.

The person who incurred the wrath of the pooch, who goes by the very middle class name of Jessica Mae Andrew, said of the incident – “I know partying is not the thing to do during a pandemic, but it was beautiful until the dog attacked me.”.

So she went somewhere that she knew she shouldn’t have been to do something she knew she shouldn’t do and suffered the consequences of it. And before I believe it, her protestations that she didn’t do anything provocative are not in the least bit convincing. Police dogs do not attack people just because the notion takes them.

Still, wherever you find stupid, you can find an indulgent journalist who’s willing to give it a platform, especially when it comes with a posh middle class name, eh?

The stupid, it burns!

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