Changes, they are a… yeah.

Hello all. As I said recently, quite a few changes are on their way to the way I do things. That mainly consists of much of my content heading over to my new website, which I’ll be launching in January. Facebook and Instagram will be used more sparingly, mostly for promoting my music. I’ve also promised an Amateur At Play page on Bandcamp, and that’ll be on its way soon too.

Right now, I’m mostly enjoying spending time with my wife and three children whilst intermittently checking what’s going on. But since I’m here, I might as well treat you to a little rant!

I was looking on Traxsource yesterday and couldn’t help but notice there seems to be a lot of music lined up for release on Christmas Day this year. My only question is why? I’ll admit many of the usual rules don’t apply this year due to the pandemic, but I’m still struggling to get my head around this one.

On Christmas Day, I’m going to be cooking Christmas dinner, eating it, watching stuff on TV, playing with the kids and probably watching the Queen’s speech at some point – well, it’s Christmas, isn’t it? I don’t envisage myself going on Traxsource to buy music that day, but I’m guessing some labels and artists see merit in releasing music that day.

They wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, would they? What do you think?

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