Let Sneak speak!

Everyone else and his dog has an opinion on DJ Sneak and has done for many years. He’s just one of those characters who seems to inspire either love or intense dislike – and he genuinely couldn’t care less. So long as a few people who are close to him are on side, he doesn’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

I can see that, because I’m like that myself. I care about the opinions of a small number of family and friends. Everyone else’s opinion of me? I couldn’t care less. If they don’t like me, no big deal. I’ll get over it before they do. Which is why his comments in recent days have inevitably got some people’s backs up.

In case you’re unaware, he made the claim that digital record stores basically killed off vinyl and that he wanted to take ownership of his own music. Therefore, he was pulling all his music from digital services.

Sure enough, this has got the usual sources accusing him of being outdated on his views. I happen to think he’s entitled to his view. The way he expresses his views is not for everyone and is clearly not intended as such. That does not negate the sincerity of his views and his right to hold them.

As usual with DJ Sneak, you have to dig a little bit to get to what he’s actually saying. His point about ownership of music has been made repeatedly during this year, not least by Kanye West, who published huge swathes of his contract with Universal Records online.

I feel much the same. Whilst I don’t intend to pull my music from download stores, I do plan on making some changes. My own Bandcamp page is on the way and I’ll also be selling directly from my own website soon, and that’s where a fair amount of what I do will go in the future.

People are indeed right when they say DJ Sneak is a divisive character. But guess what? He has every right to be divisive. He has every right to express himself in the way he does. People meekly agreeing to consensus doesn’t change anything, and it’s obvious Sneak hasn’t been happy with the current business model for a while.

He’s far from alone in that. So can we please stop this collective jumping on top of anyone else who dares be impetuous enough to suggest that all is not well with the current business model?

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