Two years on – Eddie Eaze Coleman

It simply wouldn’t be right to let today go without some acknowledgement of an old friend. Today is the second anniversary since the death of Eddie Eaze Coleman. He was one of my earliest supporters. He played my music when many others simply wouldn’t.

And not only that, but he put his money where his mouth was. He wrote a song for me, and it all came from a pretty poor quality video where I played a snippet of one of my demos. It was called “Standing On The Precipice” and had the sensational Chanelle singing on it. He even persuaded Deep Nota, a label with whom he had very close ties, to release it. I saw this as quite a vote of confidence in me. It was very humbling.

He also wasn’t afraid to send me a challenge. I wrote a review in my Six On Saturday column of his song with Michelle Rivera, “What You Need”. I said I liked it, but that it might have potential with more remixes.

Many have previously responded to such criticism by attacking me personally. Not Eddie. No he answered it by bringing the challenge to my front door! He gave me the explicit instruction to “go full dub”. I’d sent him some of my dubs previously and he approved of those.

Well, “go full dub” were my instructions, and that’s exactly what I did. The dub was dark, moody as anything, and ended up having a breakbeat style breakdown. I still think to this day it’s one of the best remixes I’ve ever done.

Musically speaking, 2020 was an okay year for me. I could have done much more with it than I did. Nonetheless, I worked with numerous people on remixes, productions and vocal songs and this year is one where things should start to properly bear fruit.

I hope I’m making you proud up there, Eddie…

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