Sterling Covid, Nervous Records and a slap in the face

The second – and in some cases, third – wave of the coronavirus is now well underway in many countries now. The whole of the UK is under various states of lockdown, and so are number other parts in the world.

Depressingly, the second wave of Sterling Covid – the first having lasted 32 years – is now also well underway and staying in the house isn’t going to get his R rate down. And the latest step is by someone who was actually warned about him in advance – yet chose to work with him anyway!

And who could this be? Step forward, Ron Jameson. A member of a Facebook group that’s done more than most to warn the world of the duplicitous conduct of this charlatan, he would have been well aware of all the red flags. Yet he chose to work with him anyway.

And why? Seemingly because he wanted to get a release signed to Nervous Records, a label whose advertising strategy seems to come from a handbook written back in 1973.

As the admin of the group said…

“You know full well what this scum bag has done, but you still are that hungry you’ll dance with the devil.


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