In which I pledge not to be nice to Spotify

On my Facebook page in the past, I used to write mostly derogatory things about Spotify and its founder, Daniel Ek. I used to frequently point out that Ek, with his bald head, looked awfully similar to Mr Burns, the notorious money loving skinflint on The Simpsons.

I used to point out the utterly insulting royalties that Spotify and others pay for the music that is on their platform. I pointed out the sharp contrast between this and the six figure salary the average employee at Spotify is on – I kid you not.

I also pointed out numerous times that without the artists and labels, Spotify would be nothing. Essentially, Spotify is a gigantic barnacle. It gets rich off the back of the talent of others whilst investing next to nothing in return in the industry to which they owe their entire existence.

The upgrade to a shiny new website changes absolutely nothing. I intend to be just as derogatory, depreciatorial and calumnious now as I was then, possibly even more so.

Especially given this gigantic barnacle is now worth so much money.

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