Clubs closed? Blame Boris

I keep seeing footage going around of nights out in New Zealand recently. One particular clip highlighted by Mixmag comes to mind specifically. It shows a drum and bass night – it’s a really popular genre in New Zealand, apparently – in the traditional style.

Namely with a club full of people dancing and enjoying themselves. As it should be.

They’re usually posted with a sense of absolute jealousy. Well, you can blame political leaders for that. When the threat of coronavirus became real last year, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern saw what was coming and acted fast. She closed the borders and placed NZ under one of the harshest lockdowns in the world.

The result? At the time of writing, only 25 people in New Zealand have lost their lives to the virus and the country is back to normal.

Compare and contrast with the UK, where nearly 50,000 new cases are being found daily and the death toll is running at over 1000 nearly every day, with no sign of things slowing down for a few weeks.

The result? England is now in its third national lockdown, Scotland and Wales have restrictions in place to much the same effect and Northern Ireland is in a second lockdown too. A vaccine programme is being rolled out, but the job is going to take several months – and there’s no plan for what to do in the meantime.

Don’t be jealous that New Zealand’s clubs are open. Be angry that the clubs here are still closed with no sign of reopening because Boris Johnson has messed up so badly.

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