Fuzzy keymixing, undeniable clickbait

Very occasionally, someone somewhere takes an already suspect original concept and decides to turn it into something even more suspect. Phil Morse at Digital DJ Tips writes here about the idea of fuzzy keymixing.

Yeah, I’m inclined to think this is bollocks too. And this is why.

I know of many DJs who learnt their craft over 30 years ago. Many knew little about BPM when they started and even less about the key of a song. They had to rely entirely on their ear to hear if a mix worked or it didn’t.

I’m of the same school of thought. I remember when mixing in key first became a thing and DJs started swearing by it. The result? An awful lot of DJs who stuck religiously to the defined rules and a hell of a lot of boring sets with no energy or impact.

Fuzzy keymixing? Stuff that. Use the best tool you’ve got for judging whether something works. Your ears.

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