Don’t sign with Sony if you want to make money, says their CEO!

You don’t need to sign with a major label if you want to get ahead in music. Don’t take my word for it. Speaking to a UK parliamentary committee who are investigating streaming and the record labels, chief executive of Sony Music, Jason Iley, said…

“Three of the most culturally important acts of today – Jorja Smith, AJ Tracey and Skepta – have chosen to sign to a distribution company. They wanted a bigger share of the revenue and that’s their choice – and respect to them and their management. I clearly would prefer them to sign to Sony Music, but they chose not to, and that’s the opportunity of choice.”

As far as sales pitches for the majors go, it’s almost as bad as Gerald Ratner’s admission in 1991 that his own shops’ products were “total crap”.

Take a read here. There’s a lot more clangers where that came from. Let’s just say few people inspire less confidence than major label bosses…

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