The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – January 30th 2021

On the week that a library in Canada saw a book returned 82 years late, I go through the tracks that will leave your collection as well stacked as a box of books!

Martin Denev Feat. Anggela Vani – You Got Me (Plastik People Digital)
It took me a few listens to get into this one, if I’m honest. It did little for me at first, but do persist with this. It’s quite rewarding. For more instant gratification, head over to the DJ Passion take.

Ross Couch – Wanna Go Higher (Body Rhythm)
It’s Ross Couch. What more is there to be said? In an age where signature sounds are harder to come by, Couch perfectly balances familiarity with bringing something slightly different each time.

Blaqsilva Feat. Misoul – Trinity (Lilac Jeans)
Lilac Jeans have a certain sound, both in regards to the label and the guys themselves. Think Sean McCabe, only with more African influence. Anyway, the original and classic mix of this put the vocal firmly upfront. The Mr KG dub is more on the playful side. One for later on in the night.

Chenandoah Feat. Laureen – You Don’t Own Me (Transcendance Music)
There’s quite a few mixes of this catchy number going around at the moment, but it’s the Demarkus Lewis efforts I’m focusing on here. Both mixes are of the quality you’d expect from this ridiculously prolific producer. Stick to the vocal mix for cheerful goodness. Can’t go wrong.

DJ Disciple Feat. Amorelle – My Sweet Self (Catch 22)
Mr Disciple knows how to make a good record, and that’s certainly evident here. I enjoyed this one a lot. All I’m waiting on now is the Demarkus Lewis remixes – everything Disciple related has had one of late…

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