Now dabbling in ghost production? Meh

Ghost production is one of those areas in dance music that leaves me feeling surprisingly indifferent. I get adverts offering to sign me up to these kinds of services all the time. To me, it sounds no different than a photographer putting out generic stock images – they’re not getting credited for their work, but they are making money out of it.

It’s something I’ve considered dabbling in, although I’d realistically have to do it in a different kind of genre. The temptation to put my own mark on productions is simply too much for me. Would I have a problem with being paid a three or four figure, and possibly even more, for a track if I had to forego being credited for it? I seriously doubt it.

Besides, no one raises this question about pop artists. Almost none of them write their own material – they buy a tune in from a writing pool. I don’t recall anyone complaining about that…

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