Behind The Record – Bring On The Love (Out February 15th)

I like to reveal the stories behind the records that I make. Not just how I made them, but more about the background and sometimes even circumstances. Today, I shall explain what’s behind “Bring On The Love”, from my forthcoming EP of the same name.

This one came about just before Christmas, if I remember correctly. I came across a rejected remix from my archive and decided to repurpose this chord progression in another track. The original remix was quite moody and dark, so I tried bringing this one up on the keyboard to make it sound brighter. It worked!

The drums come from the usual sound sources for me and the bassline simply mirrors the main chords. The strings were just something I quickly came up with to try and elevate things a little further. The Korg M1 and the free Oxe FM synth were the main components used in the song.

As for the vocals, they were something hopelessly basic that I literally made up on the spot. As it was around midnight at the time of making this, and I had a wife and three kids fast asleep, I couldn’t record myself saying this into a microphone. Nor could I get hold of anyone to do it for me – so I found a voice synthesiser online and stuck into that.

The cold, robotic voice contrasts with the warmer sounding chords, or some other wibble. And now you know how I make it, the least you can do it buy it!

Coming up on Thursday – the story behind B-side “I Know Which Category I’m In”.

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