Behind The Record – I Know Which Category I’m In (Out February 15th)

On Tuesday night, I revealed what was behind the record “Bring On The Love”, off the forthcoming EP of the same name. Tonight, I shall reveal more about the other side, “I Know Which Category I’m In”.

Some years ago, I started work on an album. The project started well, but soon ran into problems. I won’t bore you with the details here, but the results was the album was never finished. I wasn’t happy with it and decided not to release it.

My track with Richelle Hicks, “Emotions (I Hear Voices)” was one of those records. This is another one. In case you’re wondering about the lyrics, they actually come from a post that I put up on my Facebook page a long time ago. I just lifted the words, put them straight into an online voice synthesiser and put them into the song. That’s literally it.

The bassline comes from the TAL Uno-62 VST, which is what I use for most bass elements on my records. The three chords that make the main chord progression is a simple three chord loop where all the notes have been flipped to play in reverse. There’s not much else to this one.

In a way, I was trying to say that I don’t feel I fit into any categories in more ways than one. I’m not normally one for such grandiose statements, but such was the mood I was in when I originally made this!

And now you know how I made it, you can go and buy it!

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