Snobbery, bad. Recycling old posts, good.

My Facebook memories felt the need to remind me of this post from two years ago this morning. I thought I’d stick it up here on the blog, as I think it’s still very relevant today.

This is the photo it showed me.

Let’s get one thing out of the way here. I mean no disrespect towards Point Blank Music School with this. From what I know about them, they do what they do extremely well.

That said, I can’t help but get a distinctly off-putting whiff of snobbery off posts like this. Who the hell cares what someone else’s studio looks like? I know I don’t. I care a damn sight more about whether their music sounds any good. An observation I’ve noticed many times over the years is that studio snobs like this who obsess over everyone else never seem to get anything done.

Worrying about what everyone else is doing never gets you ahead…

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