Morgan Wallen – peeling spuds!

Spotify have taken Morgan Wallen off a number of high profile playlists recently, after he was caught shouting a racial slur at someone. Since then, the number of people listening to him on Spotify has actually gone up.

Cancel culture? Not exactly, eh?

So they’ve waited until the Twitter mob went off to attack their next target and instated him in a playlist entirely on his own. At the time of writing, it appears to be doing rather nicely.

This all reminds me of the time I was working at Haven Holidays in 2008. I was working at one of the North Wales sites, and I was doing a shift at an arcade next door to a gastropub sort of place.

Anyway, it was time for my lunch break. This arcade was the only one with no dedicated area for staff, so I went out to my car to eat my sandwiches. As I walked through the restaurant, I saw a customer making an absolute stinker of a complaint. The manager was dealing with it and he reassured the customer that the member of staff would be sacked.

To this day, I have no idea what the customer was complaining about. What I do know, however, is that the manager had absolutely no intention of giving the aforementioned male employee the sack. He spent the rest of the week on spud peeling duties in the kitchen in order to ensure the customer didn’t see him again.

By the looks of it, Wallen is currently spending some time cutting up potatoes and making chips for Daniel “Mr Burns” Ek. Do add plenty of salt to his chips, Morgan…

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