Confidence booster – the IQ Musique and Phie Claire effect?

Even someone like me has moments when they wonder whether something is going to be well received by people. I had such a moment a few months ago just after I’d finished a remix for IQ Musique and Phie Claire.

Here’s a clip before I continue.

Nice, eh?

Anyway, during 2020, I actually had quite a few times like this. I released music and it just didn’t seem to be hitting the mark in the way it normally did. Had I lost my touch? Was it the big bad Covid’s fault? I don’t know, but something just didn’t seem right to me.

Anyway, I accepted this remix project and I also accepted time was short. My wife was due to go in for a C-section to the hospital and I had to get this done before that. The prospect of trying to get this done afterwards – with two toddlers, a baby and a wife recovering after surgery – was not a pleasant thought!

You can read the full story behind the record here. But the short version is I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated as a result. I wasn’t especially happy with this dub, but dare not have said anything.

When it came out in January, it was extremely well received, much to the surprise of mainly myself. I even got a very kind message from Phie Claire herself telling me that she loved what I’d done with the song. Opinion amongst singers about dubs are mixed, so this was very nice to receive.

And when I checked on Traxsource and saw it was my most popular release….

…I was frankly over the moon. “Good Good Bad” is a track I still have a lot of time for, but I used to wonder if anything would knock it from the top slot. It had been there for around a year.

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