Soon, we can shake down at night once again, says PM

Last Friday, I wrote an article that wasn’t terribly kind about journalists due to their tendency to make up news to suit an agenda when there’s no real news to fill it.

Earlier today, they got some actual news to report from no less than the Prime Minister himself – although Monday morning’s newspapers, Robert Peston, Laura Kuenssberg et al had most of it leaked to them in advance. And it turns out that “Boris” has a date in mind for when he wants nightclubs to reopen.

June 21st. By the way, this is only for people who live in England. The rules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are decided by the devolved institutions – I haven’t been able to find anything at all about the plans of any of them on this subject.

Casting aside some pretty monumental questions about how you actually do that safely, this is generally good news. If nothing else, it helps make life that little bit more difficult for the plague raves that have become a blight on clubbing since March last year.

Let’s hope that 2021 is finally when we can start moving on from this dreadful time.

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