Behind The Record – Don’t Give Up

So, what’s the story behind this one? Well, I came across this one on a search for remix contests. I rarely bother actually entering any of these, but I do occasionally look around to see if there’s anything decent around. And I really liked this one.

So I downloaded the vocal stems and did my remix. I upped the tempo to 126bpm, as I thought that the original tempo was too slow for what I wanted to do with it. I also decided very quickly that I wasn’t doing one of my dubs here. Labels that are unfamiliar with my work are often not immediately receptive to them – so a vocal mix it was going to be.

The drums came together really quickly. The snares were literally the result of looking through various one shot samples I have, and the rest come from the usual sources too.

Strings with a phaser effect thrown on and the modified electric piano come from the Roland JV-1080. As for the bassline which a few people have asked me about? It’s basically two square wave oscillators modified to hollow out the sound. I don’t remember the finer details, but I’ll get back to you on that one!

And now you know how I made it, the least you can do is buy it or stream it. You’ve got plenty of options for doing so…

There’s some extended reading involved for this one! How did I win the remix contest involved in producing this one? Part one and part two are here.

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