Sorry for the clickbait sort of headline, but it’s how I feel. It’s true, for starters. There’s far too much temptation to aim to get everything perfect these days, especially with all the technology available. I should know – it’s happened to me a few times.

But don’t! I’ve started working recently on 2-step garage records, which you’ll be seeing from me later in the year – I’ll write more about that in another post. One thing I’ve noticed is that trying to make everything sound perfect and correct doesn’t work. It certainly doesn’t work when that regular 4/4 beat is taken away!

You see those vocal chops, for example? Stick them so they come in a little early or a little late. You might end up with a pleasant surprise. You see those hats, snares, shakers and other drum elements? The next time, try to quantize fewer elements or even none at all. Somehow, it all starts to sound more human.

And humans aren’t perfect. So why the heck should music be? You also get things done quicker – stop treating it like rocket science and start treating it like something fun!

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