Creative arguments vs lawyers. Who wins?

Ever since the internet started its journey in the mid-1990s to becoming the behemoth that it is in our lives today, the music industry hasn’t really known how to deal with it. They’ve been late to the party every single time, and this is absolutely no exception.

They’ve decided to sue the stream rippers. In turn, the rippers are arguing that they are basically no different to the video cassettes that you might recall from the 1980s and into the nineties. As usual, courts around the world can’t quite decide what to make of it all.

Betamax was infamously sued in the 80s for enabling copyright infringement – the case was dismissed on the grounds recording content broadcast live to watch later was not illegal. It still isn’t – otherwise, my wife could be hauled up by ITV in the courts every time she uses the Sky box to record Coronation Street.

And given they show six episodes per week, that could become a very expensive endeavour.

Isn’t it curious that the so-called creative industries respond in the most uncreative way possible to anything they deem a threat?

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