Good at keeping promises? Derrick isn’t!

Derrick May can be accused of many things. That has been detailed on this website and elsewhere over the past few months. And now I can add another thing to the list.

He breaks his promises.

Cast your mind back to May 2004. George W Bush had been the US president since winning the election of the hanging chads in November 2000. Another election was coming in November that year and his Democrat opponent was John Kerry.

Speaking to the LeftLion website, May expressed immense displeasure at Bush’s first term as president. As is his right. I have posted a screenshot from the interview below.

Notice the words…

“If Mr Bush comes back into office I will be leaving the country.”

President Bush was indeed re-elected on November 2nd by over 62 million votes. And sure enough, Derrick May did not leave the United States of America.

Never trust a Mayday promise!

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