What, I do actual work sometimes?

I’m sometimes asked how quickly I can get work done. Whether it be a track of my own or a remix, how quickly do I get it done?

Well, let me give you some context first. I’ve always been a pretty fast worker. I cut my teeth in this music making lark during 2016 and had my first release in March 2017. During 2016, my son arrived in the world. With a baby in the house, my “studio time” was always going to be limited, so I learnt to work fast. And it’s a habit I can’t get out of now!

So, original tracks first. These take anything from an hour to several hours. It depends how complete the original set of ideas behind the record is. The more I have to sketch out, the more time it all takes. I sometimes look through one or two MIDI packs in my collection for inspiration if I’m struggling, but that’s the extent of it.

Vocal releases take a little longer, partly because my skills on vocal processing are admittedly not quite where I want them to be. This is something I plan to do some real work on this year, and will hopefully speed things up in this area.

Remixes are usually in one of two extremes. They either come together really quickly, or it takes quite some work to get something that works. It depends a lot on the material you’ve got to work with – the better the vocals, the easier it usually is.

And occasionally, you just get the urge to do a dub. So at that point, most of the original context of the song no longer matters, frankly! My acceptance rates by labels and artists of dub mixes is 100%. Not one has ever been turned down – whereas vocal mixes have a 95% success rate, on the whole.

I hope that answers this question!

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