Weeds in the garden need rooting out…

There’s a terrible story in the news this Friday night. A serving Met police officer has been charged with the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard. As the man in question has now been charged, it’s a criminal matter and is ultimately for the courts to decide.

So forgive me for not commenting any further on the story itself. During the period after discovering she went missing but before charges were brought against this individual, a discussion has been taking place surrounding the safety of women in public places.

Typically, it’s not a good idea to have debates like this with what we now know to be a murder in the middle of it. It causes considerable amounts of hysteria and division, which doesn’t help create the atmosphere and conditions necessary for a solution to develop. There are times when cooler heads will prevail, even in this polarised social media age.

The truth is I couldn’t bring it on myself to cause harm to a woman even if I wanted to. It’s just not something that’s in me to do. But I know I’m just one piece of a bigger jigsaw here, and that there are some men out there who are capable of doing extremely bad things.

My studying of Derrick May’s activities and the stooges and apparatchik who defend him has shown me all too clearly that there are men who think that they can behave in an utterly abominable way against women and get away with it.

We’ve got a problem within the ranks, and we’ve got a duty to collectively sort it out. If you find weeds in your garden, you root them out. This is no different, is it?

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