Keep the volume down already!

Being interested in what I’m interested in, I’m not exactly surprised that Facebook’s algorithm presented me recently with an advert for Specsavers and their hearing test service. It makes a lot more sense than some of the things that pop up.

As it happens, I do try to keep the volume down as much as possible. Mixing tracks in my DAW is an exercise which is next to impossible to do properly at high volume. The fact that my family are typically sleeping when I do this is also a factor – and when my wife recently complained about a singer she could hear through my headphones, I got a fresh reminder of that!

I even keep the volume down when recording DJ sets, mostly for the same reason. That said, I have no objections to reminders to watch out. You only get one set of ears and they’ve got to last you for life, after all.

There is one thing on this chart, however, that somewhat baffles me.

Car horns are household items now? Someone at Specsavers has had too much time to think during lockdown…

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