Derrick May does a Consignia!

For the sake of my own sanity, I’ve decided I’m going to be a little bit more selective with my posts on everyone’s favourite Detroit fake. Be in no doubt that there will be more updates about him, it’s just I’ll be writing more, but into less posts for the time being.

Since I’m on the subject however.

Back in 2001, the Royal Mail in the UK announced that they were changing their name to Consignia. They said they chose this name because it doesn’t mean anything, claiming they will stamp their brand on it, thus defining it.

This was, of course, bollocks. The word meant nothing and continued to mean nothing to anyone. A shakeup in management ensued in the summer of 2002, and their first move was to consign the Consignia name to history.

Much the same is happening for Derrick May at the moment. What else explains the mysteriously dropping of the Transmat Agency name? When you go to their website, it now simply shows the word “Nyaera”.

No announcement has been made as to what this new name means, why the change has been made or whether it’s a brand new company or the continuation of the old one. My email querying the change, sadly, has not been answered yet.

Why would a man who is as proud of the Transmat brand as Derrick May suddenly drop the brand that he made famous and has traded on for decades? Could it possibly be that someone is worried that the Transmat name is currently covered in mud?

And whose fault is that, eh?

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  1. Derrick May has a friend. And that’s not the only surprise… – Amateur At Play’s House 28 March 2021 at 09:50

    […] however, she doesn’t want you to know that she manages Derrick May. The recently rebranded Transmat Agency has a nice little profile up about her ladyship. It makes no mention of her friend and one time […]

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