Sterling Void and remix version 4258 of “It’s Alright”

It’s been a while since we had a post about Sterling Void, hasn’t it? They practically write themselves! So let’s see what he’s been up to.

As I’ve commented before, Sterling Covid, whose depressing second wave is now underway after the first took 32 years to quell, reads this blog. He used to read my Facebook page in the days before the algorithm decided to strangle my reach, and he visits here too.

I’ve written a few times before about the increasing number of old tracks being remixed and the problems it’s posing for producers with newer records. Mr Simon Dunmore has noticed this trend himself lately.

As an aside, I wonder what Mr Dunmore would think of the fact Void once pretended he had a track signed to his label?

Anyway, Sterling Void is never a man to miss an opportunity to make his next $24, and he noticed the trend that people like remixes of older records. And an artist with a number of records in his archive, he can certainly do that.

Hence why I saw this.

That’s another one to add to the 4257 remixes of this that already exist. I’ve blanked the name of the person who posted this, mostly to spare their blushes as yet another victim of Void, but I can assure you this won’t see the light of day.

Well, not without several payments of $24 to the man himself, anyway…

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