Where DO I find my singers from?

I’m currently working on several vocal productions. There’s no point me complaining about the relentless torrent of remixes of decade old tunes in the charts and not offering an alternative, is there?

I’ve got another Morris Revy track in the works – the follow-up to the follow-up of “Perfect Vacation” – and several other things that I’m contractually obliged to keep quiet about for the time being. All in all, I’m trying to keep as busy as I can.

People sometimes ask me how I contact singers and the finer details, like the financial side. I’m not going to reveal specifics about singers here because some of them appreciate a degree of confidentiality in the way they operate, but I’ll say what I can.

Morris Revy, for example, actually contacted me via Instagram about us working together. He became aware of my work though my reviews on the Six On Saturday column and thought we’d be a good match. I’m now working on a fourth single with him, so I suspect he might have been correct on that one!

There are other singers like Richelle Hicks and Karla Brown who I approached myself. And then there’s the latest batch, whom I haven’t worked with before. I came across them on a website called Airgigs.

I have to say I like it. It’s all pretty straightforward. The vocalists can put their terms forward from the outset and it’s all simple and transparent.

I could spend a hell of a lot of money at that place…

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