Ministry’s got no money? Dunno about that!

They just can’t win, can they? In the eyes of the average Internet critic, everything is always wrong. Even if that means contradicting statements they’ve made previously.

I’ve written recently about how the festivals and such seem to think that the possible return of nightclubs is the equivalent of pressing play to resume watching something that’s been on pause for the past 12 months.

The critics – and I’m amongst them – say that it’s not acceptable to go back to the old practice of booking the most expensive name you can possibly find. If that means paying top dollar to fly someone in and the rest, it seems to be the done thing.

It’s a system where new talent is being suffocated. The scene is slowly committing suicide through this mad practice, and it needs to find a balance again. The old farts I referred to recently will not live forever!

Now that Ministry of Sound are trying precisely that? The trolls are inevitably saying they’re only doing it because they haven’t got any money. Given that Ministry of Sound is part of Sony Music these days, I suspect that isn’t true.

Either way, you can’t have it both ways. Either you want dance music to try something different on its return, or you don’t.

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