Songwriters, pop stars and zero sympathy

So, it appears that a group of songwriters want pop artists to stop taking the credit for things that they didn’t do. It seems they’re fed up of the practice in the music industry of “change a word, get a third”. Read all about it here.

The songwriters, they want our sympathy! Well, I’m not remotely sorry to say this, but they’re going to get absolutely none of it from me. They’ve been perfectly happy to go along with this practice since the days of Elvis Presley. Why are they only speaking out now?

Ah yes, it’s because their share of the royalties is under threat. Nothing to do with artistic integrity or being proud of their work. No, it’s entirely to do with their bottom line bring squeezed. How incredibly noble of them!

If you’re really not happy with changes being made to your work, take control of the situation. They either accept what you’re offering them or you walk away. I’m constantly being surprised in life at how much people actually appreciate speaking to someone who stands their ground.

And besides, let’s take a look at some of the absolute shite that’s in the charts these days. Would you really want your name to be associated with some of this stuff?

Last year, for example, a song came out by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. It was called “WAP”. What does WAP stand for? It’s not exactly something that can be published in a family newspaper, let’s put it that way.

The song has no less than five different writers credited. And whilst I’m aware this song has its fans, I’m of the opinion that it’s utterly repulsive. The lyrics are just crass.

I have no issue with women being more confident about sex – but I have one hell of a problem with this being placed in an area where children might come across it. Is that really a song you’d willingly want to be associated with?

If you play the game, you cannot change the rules halfway just because you’re losing…

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