Talking rubbish is back in style!

It appears that sitting around for hours, talking rubbish, is in vogue now. The mysterious allure of Clubhouse hasn’t gone unnoticed by Spotify, who are always looking for the next opportunity that isn’t in music.

You’d almost think that Spotify was embarrassed by their status as effectively being a not for profit company since 2006, such is their failure to turn a single profit once in their 15 year history. But I digress.

I can kind of understand where this has come from. For the past year, a lot of people have not been working from their offices, or haven’t been able to meet in a pub – hence they’re missing the chance to talk bollocks with people they secretly think are bellends.

So I suppose the opportunity to do it, albeit online, is proving quite irresistible. And at least online, you can switch your camera off occasionally, pretending your Internet connection is dodgy as a cover story.

All the same, don’t expect to find me on there anytime soon..

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  1. Now Facebook is getting into the Clubhouse market with its own clone – but are lockdown weary going to go for it? – Amateur At Play's House 12 April 2021 at 09:31

    […] about the latest trend in technology. Namely the ability to allow everyone to spend hours on end talking absolute shite about one […]

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