Meet her at the plague rave: why Peggy Sue won’t stand for sexism but WILL stand up for plague raves

This blogger didn’t write about this when it initially happened, because it occurred not long after the birth of my third child. I took a break for a few weeks, hence why I haven’t commented previously.

Last December, Berlin DJ Daniel Wang published a post on his Facebook page about Peggy Gou. She was branded a greedy narcissist who used a ghost producer and essentially only got to where she is because she’s blessed with good looks.

His attack backfired monumentally. Aside from the fact that he ended up portraying her as the victim, the notoriously litigious Gou got involved and her lawyers forced Wang to publish a lengthy public apology. Not for nothing is she known amongst the dance music press as Peggy Sue!

Curiously however, there has been no outrage whatsoever about the fact that Gou has been doing plague raves for several months during the pandemic.

Like this one from January 24th 2021 in Moscow. As she partied, 478 people died across Russia of Covid-19 that day.

Accusing a woman of using her looks to get ahead? Wrong. Accusing a woman of risking lives by continuing to hold raves in the middle of a pandemic in some countries with very high coronavirus rates?

Apparently okay.

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