When ARE Soundcloud going to make messages available on mobile and app?

Despite everything, I somehow remain a bit of a fan of Soundcloud. In between the endless advertising on the site, the spam and sifting through all the rubbish to find decent music, I do find it quite useful.

But I do have one problem with the site. I thought I’d write about it because they don’t seem to want to do anything about it, despite it being an issue for many years already.

One of the facilities that Soundcloud has is sending private messages. That means you can correspond directly with your own favourite artists, and they can reach you in ways that previously didn’t exist. I’ve found it a very handy way of contacting people in the past.

Yet whenever you get a message on Soundcloud and you try to access it on your mobile phone, you get this.

You can’t view your messages on the mobile version of the site. Yet when you download the app, guess what?

There’s no way of viewing them on that either.

It seems that the only way to see your messages on Soundcloud is to use the desktop version. So you either need to get a laptop, a tablet with a decent sized screen – or use the “View Desktop Site” setting available on some smartphone browsers, which means all the text is tiny.

Why has Soundcloud still not fixed these problems to this day? Are these lingering problems a sign of a deeper malaise at the company? Or are they just a bunch of lazy sods who can’t be arsed doing any work?

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