The vast majority of labels absolutely suck! Scott Diaz slams record labels who aren’t doing their jobs

House and garage don Scott Diaz has panned record labels for failing to do their jobs properly. Taking to Twitter, he pointed out that only two record labels have sent him statements in the past 15 months – amidst of a backdrop of a pandemic.

He also mentioned that for nearly every release he’s involved with, he creates more social media content, video and such than the label themselves do.

Speaking with my producer head on, I’m lucky when it comes to the first point. Both 3rd Way Recordings and Disco Balls Records – the labels that I appear on most frequently – send out statements at regular intervals, so I have no complaints whatsoever about that.

Oddly enough though, I wrote an opinion piece on a similar subject last night. The role of record labels in this ecosystem needs to change – I honestly believe that if it doesn’t, we’re going to end up with the system collapsing. And then where are we all?

Probably on Bandcamp trying to do everything ourselves.

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