The demise of business techno? Why you won’t read anything about this from Mixmag

Clickbait is as much part of the online universe these days as Google and cat memes. I try to avoid doing this, as I think there’s enough of it around already.

I do, at least, try to deliver on the increasingly long headlines of my blog posts – a recent, deliberate addition to try and push this site up the search rankings. This is something that Mixmag doesn’t try to do.

Take this article. The headline promises good things. It claims that Soulwax want to see the collapse of business techno – a concept discussed in detail here, as I cannot be arsed doing a long piece about it on a Friday night.

I thought we would be treated to a useful, detailed insight into this practice and why its demise cannot come soon enough. Instead, I shall have to write it myself when I have more time – your Six On Saturday column is in the queue, too!

Instead, what do we get? One passing reference at the end…

“We have high hopes for the chance for a whole new generation to potentially start with a clean slate and wipe out the formulaic business techno side of dance music that has permeated it in recent years. Will it happen? Probably not!”

Is that it? I’m afraid so. That would be a good article – pity you won’t find it in Mixmag.

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